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Retirement Specialist

Chris McCormack

With me, the client is first and foremost. I live to serve others. After spending my commitment in the United States Submarine Service, I came back to the civilian workforce. To give you some perspective, after returning from the service and finding out, that my mother’s trusted financial advisor had lost her money while the advisor was still making money, I found a new mission…to help my mother and other folks avoid those types of situations. With my guidance, my mother was able to retire within 2 months and now has a secure financial future while leaving a legacy for each of her grandkids. I want to help others with my expertise and guidance so they can experience the financial security my mother and all my clients have.

In my spare time I lead a volunteer group in my local area that partners with several non-profit organizations to help underprivileged families and elderly people stay in their homes. I’ll treat you like family and I would do anything to protect and take care of my family. I’m fanatical about the success and protection of my clients’ financial future. Let me show you how I can help you plan a secure financial retirement.